The band was formed by Francesco Belloni, a skilled Lizardian guitarist devoted to Chuck Schuldiner’s cause, which in summer 2007 was looking for musicians to play with. A few time later he met Mattia Mornelli, self-styled drummer who love the eighties' thrash metal. The band began to shape but at once they had some problems with the unstable members. At the end of summer 2009 the group restarted whit the new guitrar player Federico Crovetti (ex Soul Deceiver) which left the band the following year being replaced by Nicholas Bologna, which together with the bass player Michele Giromini completed the line up allowing Human Decay to prepare themselves to intense live sessions. In 2013 Nicholas left the band and after some months of research Jean Edifizi (ex Silent Agony) joined to the band, that found a renewed stability and came again to play live. In January 2014 the band release a three tracks EP called “Figli di Dio” (Sons of God) and after the good responses of the audience, at September of the same year they enter in studio to record their fist full-lenght album, Cleptocrazia (Kleptocracy), released by american label Sliptrick Records in april 2015


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Cleptocrazia CD
2013 Figli di Dio DEMO


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