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Harm was founded in october 2009 by Solvernus (Ex-Nebiros/Ex-Vulgar Degenerate), Stefan (Ex-Muerte/Ex-Gorerilla/Violation Domain), Fabian (Ex-Muerte/Ex-Gorerilla) and Barkley (Ex-Morvan/Ex-Gorerilla/Ex-Violation Domain). 5 months later, the first promo was recorded at "Knicki Knacki Studios" with 8 kickass oldschool death-metal songs. After that, Harm played some gigs in their hometown Berlin, Germany. In september 2011 Harm signed at "FDA Rekotz". At www.fda-rekotz.com you can order Harm's first tape "God forgives... My Chainsaw not!!! Due to personal reasons the former members Stefan (guitar) and Fabian (bass) left the band. Replacement was found in Moloch (guitar) and Felix (bass). In october 2013 "FDA Rekotz" released Harm's first full length Album "Cadaver Christi", which was assumed with positive feedback.In summer 2014 Harm went back to record in the studio the next album "The Evil" . After the recordings Moloch left the band. In 2015 the new album "The Evil" will be released under a new Label named "Final Gate Records".


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2013 Cadaver Christi CD


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