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GRUMO (“Clot”, “Gore”) is a grindcore band formed in 2004 in Modena (Italy), when Riki (vocals) and Nico (drums) got together. At the beginning, the sound was inspired by bands like Anal Cunt and early Cripple Bastards, with tracks often under 40 sec. The purpose was to play pure noisecore. During the years, the band has played many gigs and festivals (Porco Dio Fest, September to Dismember 3th, Roma A-Bestial Fest), supporting both Italian (Cripple Bastards, Dysmorfic, Repulsione, Jesus Ain’t in Poland…) and international bands (Holocausto Canibal, D-Compose, Sakatat, Social Chaos, Yack, Captain Cleanoff, Sete Star Sept). Although the first 8 years were characterized by few line-up changes, 2012 marked a significant turning point: the first record, Voglio Vederti Sprofondare (“I Want to See You Sink”), was released through independent labels and a new guitarist (Simmi) and a new bass player (Marco) joined the band. Grumo finally find a more personal sound and plays grindcore combined with elements of death metal. Furthermore, a split with Ebola was released on 7”. After two years of hard work "Fallimento" is out in October 2015, the 2nd official full leght of the band and the first to be released by a single label: ETN Records from italy. With this new effort the band is ready to let itself known outside of its national boundary (european tour in September 2015) , faithfulness to its underground origins, spreading desease and noise as usual! Feel the stench of human garbage, Freaks united in gore!!! 2015, Grumo Crew


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Fallimento CD
2013 Ebola Split EP
2012 Voglio vederti sprofondare CD
2006 Karne DEMO
2004 Splatterdemo MC (TAPE)


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