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Grinder Skulls began as a hobby in 2006 by its founder Jesús Díaz (Guitarist, Vocalist, and Scheduled Drum) in the east of the country specifically Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state to distract himself and kill time. Using Fruity Loops to create the drum tracks, he decided to record just over 8 songs and upload them to myspace. In 2007, for personal reasons, he moved to the west of the country, selling his guitar, amplifier and other equipment. During the next few years, Jesús Díaz receives the support of certain panas from the east to get him to join Grinder Skulls again, so in August 2012 he decides to acquire a guitar, amplifier and other equipment to work intensely with new songs, releasing his first EP Crushing Skulls. at the end of 2013. Grinder Skulls has concentrated on both fast and slow guitar sounds but at the same time high-pitched sounds that characterize the Grindgore genre. Having topics that talk about sex such as necrophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia as well as methods of torture and execution. His first EP Aplastandocraneos has twelve (12) songs and a total duration of 19:58 seconds, being distributed by the people of Grinder Cirujano Records of Argentina with 500 limited copies, which has been brutally accepted by the Argentine public. At the beginning of 2015 Jesus moved again to the east of the country and it was in the middle of the year when he met an old colleague Willian Perez, founder of Decayed Corpulence and Obsessive Compulsive, after talking seriously, Willian offers to participate in the new work of Grinder Skulls , being a more Grindcore sound and different from the first EP. At the end of October of the same year and with a new line-up, Willian on lead voice and Jesus on guitar and second voice released the second album and first Split entitled Cacofonia Putrefacta, in which bands like Brutal Destripation (Mexico) Ojete Viril collaborate. (Spain) and Mugre (Venezuela) under the support and distribution of Plague Corpse Distri Records, En La Mala Records and Grinder Cirujano Records and is characterized by having a sound on real and faster drums, a more GrindCore album and containing songs like Muerto Explotado (Exploited Dead), Amor entre Rejas (Love Behind Bars), Desgarrador de senos (Torn Breasts), Jugando con la Puta (Playing with the Whore), Dominador Sexual (Sexual Dominator) among others this new work aims to blow heads for those who listen to it. Finally, between 2017 and 2020, he concentrates on making presentations in nightclubs, putting together a set of more than 20 songs to be selected the most extreme and a next EP with songs like Halale Cuero al Ganzo, Pajizo, They Know Kill With Knife, Toro de Falaris among others


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