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GOZO - Pussy Fuckers.mp3


Goregrind/Porn/Slamming from Brazil since December 2012 by Juan (Drums), Rodrigo (Guitar Vocal), Danilo (Guitar Vocal) and Bruno (Bass) with influence such as: Cock And Ball Torture, Kraanium, Cliteater, Urtikaria Anal, Mortician and mainly Jig Ai. We have a full album recorded called Pussy Fuckers and two splits albums "Satanic Nuns Prostitutes" with Urtikaria Anal from Mexico and "Fucking Rotten Worms" with the bands: Porno Infantil (Mexico), Masturbador (Mexico), Putrid Cunt (Mexico), Clitorodectomia (Ecuardor), Neurosarcadictoveria (Mexico), Vaginal Herpes (Ecuador), Pygmean Smegma (Mexico), Orgasmic Brutality From Darkness (Peru), This year (2016) we're recording the second full album "Anal Cannibalism". Our biggest dream is to be part of this insane party that is the OEF.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Fucking Rotten Worms DOWNLOAD
2014 Pussy Fuckers CD, DOWNLOAD
2014 Satanic Nuns Prostitutes DOWNLOAD


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