GANGRENA - 05 - Mortuary Horror Ft. Dr. Obn From Panchreatocholectomy.mp3


Gangrena was born in 2009 looking for the need for a Brutal Death Grind Disgusting, Noisy and full of fast and powerful riffs. In 2010, the promo called "Let The Infection Begin" is published, which focuses on the Zombie theme, which he describes as an aggressive shrill sound full of powerful tombs! Thanks to the great acceptance of the band the EP was not long in January 2011, begins the digital distribution and totally rewarding of our first album called "The Zombie Chronicles" being this, a very worked album with great production, achieving a great acceptance by fans and not so fanatical of the brutal Death Grind. Full of ideas with more power and eager to find that totally brutal sound, we started working on a new album and for that we launched the promo "Rolling The Bones Of Fate" and released again digitally and free, as well as several copies for its distribution, waiting for the criticism of our followers and those who still do not know us. The acceptances of the promo reached unimaginable levels for the band and as a consequence, the participation of vocalists from different parts of the world such as: Juan A Leohn - "Digging your grave", Sebas Gore - "Coprocephaly", Cain - "Svin Killer", Mai - "Grave Grinder", Rot Screwrot - Morbid Crucifixion, ... and continuing with the zombie theme we released "The Zombie Survival Society" digitally and a run for distribution. With many live performances, we realize that we must evolve the sound of the band and decided to leave aside the bass to present us with 2 guitars, with more serious tunings and a powerful distortion that we have noticed in each presentation we have and distinguished from all our sister bands with whom we share the stage. Leaving for a short period the results for the live presentation in Mexico, we returned with new vision and better plans to publicize our work, we signed with the Incomparable Brutality Records label which edits the "LP" "Contagious voracious" in a physical way and digital on all online playback platforms. We continue working on the next album which will contain more dense, fast and brutal themes that you will not know if hitting the first one first, doing headbang or starting the circle pit you alone !!!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 4 States of Grind CD
2017 Ravenous Contagion CD, DOWNLOAD
2011 Rolling The Bones Of Fate DEMO, DOWNLOAD
2011 The Zombie Survival Society CD, DOWNLOAD, EP
2010 Let The Infection Begin DEMO
2010 The Zombie Chronicles EP


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