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FROM EARTH - Blood Runs Cold


From Earth is a brutal music collective from the Netherlands defining darkness, melancholy and extreme heaviness in its own way. With the worldwide release of their debut album “Dark Waves” at the end of 2014 through WormHoleDeath Records, From Earth dominates the stage with an overhauling thrust of power. Be prepared for tight rhythms, crushing guitars, shattering bass and aggressive vocals from guttural to grinding melody and beyond! The album, produced at Tomsterproject Studios by producer / guitarist Tommie Bonajo, has been received with an overwhelming praise by the international press and critics. Dutch leading music magazines Aardschok and Music Maker labeled the band as one of the most promising Dutch metal acts. Aardschok - “With a debut album such as ‘Dark Waves’ it’s clear that From Earth is a big promise” Music Maker - “Every song on Dark Waves is a straight hit and reflects the musical talent and experience of this band”


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2014 Dark Waves CD


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