FOSA COMúN Guatemala

FOSA COMúN - Viejo Rabo Verde.mp3


We are from Guatemala, Central America, a country torn apart by a 36 year old civil war wich gave us the inspiration for our band name: Fosa Común Mass Grave. Started playing in 2011 as a 5 piece band but the non hackers weeded themselves out and we're only 3. We play grind/crust and that means loud and fast. Santísimo: lead guitar and vocals Original Sin: bass guitar and vocals Holy Mary: drums We have released 3 albums: -Consuelo de Nadie (2011) -Fosa Común (2014) -Teísta (2016)


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Teísta MC (TAPE)
2014 Fosa Común MC (TAPE)
2011 Consuelo de Nadie MC (TAPE)


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