EYECONOCLAST - Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream


Deathrash Metal from Rome. "Drones Of The Awakening" out on Prosthetic Records!


The band moves its first steps into the eerie realm of heavy music in 2003.

After some initial line-up changes, the band starts to personally build its own musical address under the influence of Sci-fi and Posthuman themes with the only will to play the faster and most furious Death/Thrash Metal ever heard so far.

A first raw demo, "Cursors", and the debut promo "Binary Encoded Sunset" (2004) have been recorded at 16th Cellar Studios by Stefano "Saul" Morabito, which soon after substitutes Cristiano Trionfera (now with Fleshgod Apocalypse) as guitar player.

An intense live activity takes off (including an epic and crowded gig in Caserta opening for the death metal legends Dismember on their Italian tour) while the band continues working on the new material and in 2005 the self-produced MCD “Clustered Dead Ending Corridors” marks the entry of Mauro Mercurio (ex-Hour of Penance) as drummer.

In 2008 the swedish label Downfall Records releases the first full-length “Unassigned Death Chapter”, with Giulio Moschini (guitarist of death metal killers Hour of Penance) on the bass duties.
New line-up changes see the entry of the talented bass player Paolo Ballarotto (ex-Malfeitor) and the recordings of the EP “Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream” (2011).
In 2012 Eyeconoclast finds a permanent singer in Giuseppe Di Giorgio and joins the roster of the
renowned label Prosthetic Records.

The second full-length, “Drones of the Awakening”, is released on April 2013 while the band’s supporting the european tour of Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth , and a tour in Japan with Septicflesh and Svart crown.

- The future has yet to be written -


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2013 Drones Of The Awakening CD
2008 Unassigned Death Chapter CD


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