EXCORIATION - Excoriation - Orgasmic Scaphism.mp3


420 Blasting Brutality Brutal Death Metal band from the New Standard Elite roster. One of the sickest blasting albums ever released, on par with Festival of Death and A Prelate's Attrition. The performance is powerful and thick and meaty. The snare is the most prominent part of the music and it can get irritating for those not initiated into the old school BDM sound. The vocals are a wet, slurpy mess courtest of Cyril and back up vox from Paolo from Putridity and Devangelic. The new Excoriation release is already on the way! - - - Current lineup [2018]: Cyril - [Vocals] Daniil - [Drums] Dmitry - [Guitars]


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 "Garrote Vil" Live 2015 DOWNLOAD
2014 Excoriation CD, DOWNLOAD
2013 Hanged, Drawn and Quartered DOWNLOAD


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