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Band: Epilectomy Country: Uruguay City: Montevideo Genre: Slam, Brutal Death, Goregrind, Year of Formation: 2014 Formation: Diego Brutal (Vocals and All instruments) Discography: Promo 2015 (2015) Food For The Pigs (2015) 8 Ways To The Internal Rot (Split 2016) Epilectomy (2016) Biography: The band was born in early 2014 under the idea of ​​Diego Arias in forming something parallel to his band, something that was more thrown to the goregrind, Gorenoise with much of Brutal Death. The main idea of ​​the band was always a project One Man Band, Influenced by bands like: Putrid Pile, Cemetery Rapist, Vulvectomy, Insidious Decrepancy, Mortician, Ect .... In 2015 he released his first CD titled Food For The Pigs under the label Argentino Grinder Cirujano Records. He was interested from the first moment in the project, in February of 2016 they participated in a split with 7 bands from America de Paises like Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Belize, Brazil and Uruguay that came under the Italian label Land Of Fog Records. After starting with the new album that is in the process of calculating a mid-2017 album will contain 10 to 15 tracks, for that reason I decided to release a 4-track EP titled "Epilectomy" which is a preview Of what will be this new album. Epilectomy was presented live on May 6 with bands of the same style being that its only show for the moment. He has participated in several Split and compiled one of the most important will be the one that leaves the first days of January that will include bands from all continents with more than 25 bands and more than 2 hours of pure extreme metal.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 8 Ways To The Internal Rot (Split) CD
2016 Epilectomy EP
2015 Promo 2015 DEMO
2015 Food For The Pigs EP


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