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DYSMORPHIC is a Death Metal band from France (Tours), made up of Baptiste Boudoux (vocals), François Le Lyon (Guitar), Eric H-T (Guitar), Johann Sadok (Bass / Backing Vocals) And Quentin Regnault (Drums). The band was created in February 2008 under the name of NECROTICISM. The group changed their name to DYSMORPHIC and recorded the eponym EP in March 2010 marking a turning point towards something sounding more Technical Brutal Death. This EP contains an intro + 3 songs and a bonus track. After its release in May, critics were unanimous : "ce qui depuis le début de l'année est sorti de mieux en matière de brutal death technique" (French Metal) (The best in terms of Technical Brutal Death since the beginning of the year) "un nom avec lequel il va falloir compter dans le futur" (Metallian) (A band to remember in the future) "Dysmorphic ne tombe jamais dans la surenchère et frappe toujours très fort et très justement" (Vs Webzine) (Dysmorphic never overdoes it and strikes strongly and precisely) DYSMORPHIC' music is as much influenced by the American Death Metal scene from the 90s (Suffocation, Death, Morbid Angel ...) than the new one (Decrepit Birth, Severed Savior, Kronos, Decapitated ...) - In the middle of the year 2011, the band joined the French Metal compilation, but also Chris Poland (former guitarist of MEGADETH and in charge of StreetTeam in the USA) offered the band the possibility to be part of his 17th compilation, given for free at different American gigs. - In October 2012, the band began the recording process of the drums for their first album with Mobo (Conkrete Studio) (GOROD, ERYN NON DAE, LOKURAH, etc ...). The other instruments and the vocals were recorded at Jules Martinez's. - At the beginning of the year 2013, the band has been contacted by the American label UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS, with which they will sign in March 2013n, releasing their first album on the 2nd of September : "A Notion Of Causality". The band is back on the roads, and already hit the stage with great bands such as DEMENTED, KARAS, KRONOS, AD PATRES, DAGOBA, ZUUL FX, PITBULLS IN THE NURSERY, NO RETURN, BENIGHTED, GOROD, OUTCAST, and many others ... The band begins the composition of their second full length in Septembre 2014, and enters the studio in May 2016. The album will be released during Spring 2017, still under the American label UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS. A promotional tour, gigs and release parties are already in preparation but also playthrough videos for bass, guitars and drums.


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