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Disnormality is a Slamming Brutal Death Metal band from Santiago, Chile formed in 2016 and they have released one album and a live EP (not gonna include that) plus they released their single Ruined by Ourselves but it’s already on the album. This album came out last year and I barely listened to this band a couple months back, they are a very groovy slam band with a good guitar tone and drumming, the vocals are what you’d expect from a band like this but of course they’re good. Their album Covered With Ulcers is one of the more solid debut albums by any slam band but I’m glad I got around to listening to it cuz it’s got some heavy slams and some good riffs thrown in there as well with some bassdrops every now and then. This band deserves to be up there with the bigger slam bands since they have good sound quality and heavy and oddly catchy slam riffs like a lot of the more well known bands in slam but this band is very underrated for how good they are. If you like slam bands at all, Brutal bands with heavy and groovy riffs along with bassdrops, check out Disnormality!!! @disnormality_chile - - For Fans Of: Korpse, Decomposition of Entrails, Dysmorfectomy, and Placenta Powerfist. - - Album: Covered With Ulcers (2019) - - Favorite Songs: Ruined By Ourselves, Torment Corp (personal favorite), Mangled With a Saw, and Cerebral Parasites. LineUp: Daniel Meneses - Guitarrist Matias La Paz - Bassists Bastian Faundez - Drummer Marcus Maffud - Vocalist Label : https://inheritedsufferingrecords.bandcamp.com/ Biography by Roberto Alex Lara . Instagram @robgordlord


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