DICKLESS TRACY - Dickless Tracy - The Curse of Michael Myers.mp3


Dickless Tracy was born in 1997. In Slovenia where they still dwell. They combine grindcore, old school death metal, crust and doom into a ferocious mixture. They can also make jokes between songs. Sometimes they are even good ones. They released 4 albums, countless live demos, some split tapes, split CDs even a split 7''. They've been singing about everything and they want to grind everywhere. Til today they grinded in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland ... People like their shows cause you never know what they'll come up with - and they played everywhere - from cellars to festivals like Metaldays and Fuck The Commerce! They are three guys - two brothers on guitars/vocals and drums with a bald bassist! GRIND OR BE GRINDED!!!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Paroxysm Of Disgust CD
2010 split w/True LP
2009 Halls Of Sickness CD
2007 Diagnosis Unknown DEMO
2001 Of Light And Darkness CD
2000 The New Domination CD
1998 First Grind DEMO


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