DEZAZTRE NATURAL - DEZAZTRE NATURAL - Auto - Exterminio - 03 Engendro del nivel.mp3


Hope you are doing well. Our band is called DEZAZTRE NATURAL (natural disaster) and we are from Santiago, Chile, in South America. We are a band of Crossover Thrash Metal that started in 2008, and we have played in Cuba (Brutal Fest), Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Brasil and many places around Chile. We currently have 3 LP albums, and 2 EP. The band is totally different to other thrash bands from South America, I hope you like it and that we can stay in contact for the next version in 2018 of obscene extreme fest. The band has played with Sepultura, Brujeria, Ratos de Porao, Criminal, Mortuary, S-Core, Nuclear, etc. we are on the australis label, and we would like very much every heart to participate in this festival. thanks, regards Carlos Elio Vocal & Manager Dezaztre Natural Santiago, Chile


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 auto-exterminio LP


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