Devil's Note was formed in 2009. The band was created by guitarists Sandman, Loki and drummer Jarhead. In November, there have been significant changes. Devil's Note engaged a new drummer - Philip Biernat (ex Face the nightmares), guitarist Lukas Karasowski, bassist Lukas Picheta (ex Kontragarda) and vocalist Pawel (Deabhar). Due to personal changes they began cooperation. At the end of 2010 Martin Majrowski took place of Lukas Karasowski and a DEMO was released. Their music mixes brutality of death metal and melody. The lyrics are about the shit that pisses off, things which are the scar on society. All that makes the music fast and agressive. They played with bands such as: HATE, LOST SOUL, CALM HATCHERY, TOXIC BONKERS, MASS INSANITY, ESCAPE FORM, PAMPELUNA, NO-SE, THE BLACK THUNDER, HEDFIRST, LOSTBONE, MADE OF HATE, LOWTIDE, BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER, NEYRA, RUSTED BRAIN. The song "POSSESSED BY HATE" appeared on the complication "POLISH METAL UNDERGROUND Vol I". At the end of 2011 a music video for the song "BABALON WHORE" was recorded. In March 2012 the band won the national final of the "WACKEN METAL BATTLE POLAND 2012" and was chosen as the Polish representative on the world final "W.O.A WACKEN OPEN AIR 2012" in Germany. At the end of year 2014 band self released EP called Last Cut, there were also lineup changes. Lukas Picheta left the band, and his place was taken by Adam Książek. A few words about the name, Devil's Note is a term referring to tritone (the distance between two sounds amounting to 3 tons) between sounds f and h. In the Middle Ages playing the tritone was banned because of the dissonance, which was thought to be a sound summoning Satan.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Last Cut CD, DOWNLOAD, EP
2010 Babalon Whore DEMO


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