DESTRUYE Y DESTRUYE - 4DYD - Calambre Verbal.mp3


Destruye y Destruye, is a Colombian/Ecuadorian band formed at the beginning of 2015 in the city of Quito, with Nicolás Jiménez as vocalist, Andrés Utreras on the guitar and Carlos Idrovo on the drums. The band is born as a loud protest against the technicalities and poses that are prevailing on the current world scene. Through it’s main tool, which is rustic and guttural noise it’s proposal is to come with raw messages and above all, direct. Between it’s moment of creation until now, the band has managed to stay active and some outstanding events are touring Colombia and Peru and form part of flyers with international bands such as Extreme Noise Terror (England), Napalm Raid (Canada), Ratos De Porao (Brazil), Wolfbrigade (Sweden), Pela Braba (Brazil), Kami ada (Germany), Civil Disobedience (Mexico), Bombing (Chile). The proposal of the band continues with the same firmness as always and the slogan is spread noise around the world.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2018 Saltando al Vacío CD, DOWNLOAD
2018 Live Session DOWNLOAD
2018 Grindcore! (Flea Pest, DyD, OxPxMxDx, Bullshit) CD, DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2017 Aplastando Oídos Virginales CD, DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2017 4 Vias A La Caverna CD, DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2017 GrindTorture (DyD, Tanah Perang) CD, DOWNLOAD
2016 Epifanía de un Mundo en Ruinas CD, DOWNLOAD
2016 Matando la Música CD, DOWNLOAD
2015 Demo DEMO
2015 Saturación Extrema CD, DOWNLOAD


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