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It all started in the winter of 1996, when four punks banded together to set up a band with Discharge influences. Disfarce was the name of the band that got to do tree songs in its short period of existence. Then, shortly after Disfarce has broken, Wil decided to keep the project alive, but now with another name: DESASTRE. The people involved were the same as before just changing the bass player one or two times. With this line up four songs was composed and came to be played in a gig at the home of a punk friend, the only one with this line up. After that, the band split up until the next winter when the vocal (Wil) also picks up the guitar and the bass player (Diana) takes the drums. No one really played really cool, but it was with an incredible speed that five new songs were created and two rearrenged. In that time the lyrics were sung in English and so in December 1997 the band recorded their first demo tape which was called "Panic, Death, Fear... Real Nightmare" where Diana also played the bass. Still with the inexperience of the musicians the recording was very good and was a landmark in the punk scene of Goiânia, receiving praise also from punks from various parts of the world like Europe, Japan and USA. As the band didn't have a bass player at the time, we used to invited some friend to give us support at the shows, getting to perform even without bass player. By several gigs Fofão (Besthöven) came from Brasília to give us support playing the bass in many live performances. It was then that Xiquerim joined the band to play the bass and the formation was completed with: Wil> Guitar / Vocals, Xiquerim> Bass and Diana> Drums. With this formation the band made new songs and recorded tree new tracks two of which were released in a 7 "EP Split with the band LIXO of the city of João Pessoa by the label "Sin Fronteras Records" from the USA. Some time later Cláudio joined the band to play the second guitar. It stays like this by a while when Xiquerim decides to leave the band. Then Cláudio take the bass and we return to only one guitar. So the band makes new songs and several presentations in our town and also in Brasília and São Paulo. The band continues practicing but does not record the new songs and ends up being discouraged and unmotivated, stopping their activities for a few months until Wil invites new people and the band returns bringing tree new members, with Wil only playing guitar and Cláudio on vocals. The band rehearses and comes to perform with this lineup. Then Cláudio leaves the band and Wil takes over the vocals again, signing the new face of the band with: Wil> Vocals / Guitar; Rato> Guitar; Danny> Bass and Bibi> Drums. With some new songs already ready the band begins to practice and there is an invitation to record a 7 "EP by a Swedish label. Then the band prepares and records four new tracks for this EP that was called "Mundo Velho". At the beginning of 2004 the band released their first full lenght CD in a partnership of the labels Two Beers or not Two Beers and One Voice. The CD got a good repercussion and the band embarked for São Paulo for two concerts: one in the capital in Hangar 110 and another in the city of Sorocaba. In addition "Pesadelo Real" is released on vinyl in France. In the same year a K-7 is realeased in the Czech Republic containing some songs previously released. Also in 2004 the guitarist Rato moves to the US and Hassan is called to take his place. The band continues to perform in Goiânia and Brasília playing several shows. In 2005 comes Perigo Iminente, the second CD of the band. It was released by the partnership of the labels Bucho Discos (SP), Terrötten (RS) and TBONTB (GO). The band opens the tour shows for Idiot Savant and Força Macabra in Goiânia and appears on the cover of the October issue of MAXIMUM ROCKN'ROLL punk magazine. In 2006 "Perigo Iminente" is also released on vinyl in Germany by the label Assel Records. In 2007 a new CD comes out "Procurando Saída" the third album with 12 unpublished tracks and four songs previously released as bonus tracks on the vynil edition of "Perigo Iminente" in Germany. The band makes several presentations to promote the álbum “Procurando Saída” by several Brazilian cities and even schedules a tour for Mexico that does not happen due to bureaucracy to obtain visas from the Mexican embassy. After that Hassan leaves the band and changes of lifestyle dedicating to religion and to Christianity. With that the band decides to stop its activities and stays inactive for some time. Then in 2010 the band returns their activities with Cláudio on the guitars. The band makes several rehearsals and marks its return making a show during the movie festival "Perro Loco" that happened in Campus II of the Federal University of Goiás. Few days after the show Cláudio gets involved in a motorcycle accident and gets seriously injured. Breaks both legs and breaks an arm. The band is forced again to stop its activities and stays like this until in August 2012 when they returns the activities with projects for the recording of new stuff. At this time the band plays at the Ferrock Festival in the city of Ceilândia - DF. Again the band interrupts its activities due some misunderstandings between its members and stands inactive for a few more years. In 2016 the band returns its activities with new members being them Paulim on the guitars and Urbano on the drums. With new gas of the new members the band rehearses at full steam and begins to compose new songs while preparing for their returns show on stage. After the returns show, playing aside the Slovakian band BETON, the band leaves to São Paulo for a sequence of three shows. After the return the band makes some more presentations in Goiânia and undergoes a new alteration in its formation. This time, Danny leaves the bass that is assumed by Fernando that already comes with the responsibility of recording four new songs to be released in a 7¨ "EP. With just a few rehearsals the band leaves for the studio and records this recording that will be called "Espiral de Barbáries" released in a partnership between Brazilian labels Raw Recs e TBONTB REcs. The same is available on the Bandcamp of the band. So that those who accompany the work of the group from long dates can check this new phase. Contacts Facebook: @desastrehc Instagram: desastrehc Bandcamp: desastrehc.bandcamp.com


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 Espiral de Barbáries EP
2007 Procurando Saída CD
2006 Perigo Iminente CD
2006 8 Tracks Attack MC (TAPE)
2006 Perigo Iminente LP
2005 Pesadelo Real LP
2003 Pesadelo Real CD
2002 Mundo Velho EP
1999 Funeral na Nova Ordem EP
1997 Panic, Death Fear...Real Nigthmare DEMO


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