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Defragment, is an extreme music band based in Chile, with musicians from Chile, Venezuela and Colombia. The band's musical style seeks to incorporate a fresh and diverse look in the extreme metal scene, encompassing a wide range of classical and contemporary influences spanning death Metal, Grindcore and North American and European Hardcore. Bands like Gadget, Napalm Death, Hate Eternal, Lockup, Terrorizer, Misery Index, among many others, they are close references to the style of the band. He recently released his debut album "Outbreak", direct and furious music. Short songs, simple structures, visceral voices and Fast drums balanced with memorable riffs, solos, and choruses that are remain in the listener's head, so he looks for a strong thought and produced sound experience.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2021 Outbreak CD, MC (TAPE)
2016 Ecorruption DEMO, DOWNLOAD


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