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CTULU Biography: Ctulu were formed in late Winter 2004 in Delmenhorst (Northern Germany) Soon the first demo “Zins der Zeit” was recorded and released in 2005. 2006 After the release, the second demo “Freie Geister” was recorded while first concerts were played in Hamburg, Delmenhorst. 2007 “Freie Geister” was released in Athens (GR) and sold out very fast. More shows in Bremen (DE) were played. Soon, concerts in whole Germany followed. 2008 The first full length album “Freie Geister” was released in May as a self-recorded album via “Northfire Records” and Twilight Distribution and the band played as support at the first Paganfest - Tour (Rock the Nation) 2009 Ctulu took part in its first German tour supporting Taake (NO). Later Ctulu joined on very successful concerts in Reichental (A), Copenhagen (DK) 2010 Ctulu were abroad for the third time and hit Rotterdam (NL) with the Colombian beasts of Inquisition and headliner Melechesh (NL/IL). In May the played for the first time at Ragnarök Festival in Bavaria. 2011 The second album “Sarkomand” (Godeater Records) was released at Ragnarök Festival and a new live show was introduced to the audience. The pre-release took place in France, Ctulu’s fourth time abroad with Alcest (FR) and Dornenreich (A). From September on, Ctulu were already working on a new album again and drum sessions started in December. 2012 As recording proceeded, Ctulu live shows in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Athens (GR) and London (GB). 2013 Ctulu released their third full-length opus "Seelenspiegelsplitter" via Black Blood Records October 13th. Furthermore, Ctulu played shows in the Czech Republic, in Ireland and finally Cyprus, supporting Rotting Christ. 2014 Ctulu re-release "Sarkomand" on vinyl via Black Blood Records and Human To Dust. It's the band's first vinyl version of an album and marks Ctulu's 10th anniversary after several shows in Austria, Great Britain and Germany. 2015 Ctulu played a tour about 8 shows through the Balkan state with the french death metal band ''Necrowretch'' and two shows in Russia, Black Metal Convention in Moscow Blackened Life Festival in Tula.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Sarkomand LP
2013 Seelenspiegelsplitter CD
2011 Sarkomand CD
2008 Freie Geister CD
2007 Freie Geister DEMO
2005 Zins der Zeit DEMO


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