CRYOSHOCK - Cold Front Rising


Cryoshock, a three-piece thrash/death metal machine from Karlshamn, Sweden, started out in 2015. Lars and Martin had played in a band together many years back, and met by coincidence at a small Swedish metal festival and started talking about forming a new band. Oskar was recruited to complete the line-up, and the trio started rehearsing and writing songs. Their self-titled - and mainly self-produced - debut EP was released in 2017. The tracks were recorded in Bloodshed Studios with Jimmy Lundqvist (Entrails) doing the engineering, but mixing, mastering, graphics and the release were all done by the band. Five short, intense tracks of thrashy, groovy death metal, with a raw sound and even rawer energy were unleashed onto the world. In 2019 a follow-up was released, in the shape of another EP entitled Cold Front Rising, this time as a complete DIY effort. Only the cover artwork was done by external hands, specifically by a Czech artist who goes by the moniker Moonroot Art. This second release is a little bit more polished than the debute, but still raw and uncompromising. The seven tracks have a bit of an old-school vibe, but without sounding generic. In 2019, CRYOSHOCK started playing live shows, and they will keep doing so as long as someone lets them. The band always gives 100% at their gigs, no exceptions!


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2019 Cold Front Rising CD, DOWNLOAD
2017 Cryoshock CD, DOWNLOAD


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