CRANIAL CRUSHER - Tendencia Suicida


Cranial Crusher was founded in 2010 in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo (Brazil), Cranial Crusher by Renan Stoiani (bass and vocals), Lucas Aímola (guitars) and Guilherme “Fruto” Fructuoso (drums). The band has been very active and standing out in the Brazilian underground scene ever since, mixing different influences and playing old school thrash metal mixed with other elements of several extreme music genres, from heavy metal to crust punk. They also produce underground gigs in their hometown. The band is still active with the same original line up, having already shared the stage with bands such as Necromancia, Ação Direta, Bandanos, Violator and Krisiun in several states of Brazil. Additional Discography: - Too Many Cops (independent, single, 2012) - Faces da Morte - Tributo ao Lobotomia (independent, single, 2016) - Tendência Suicida (independent, single, 2020)


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2018 Putrefakt CD, EP
2016 Necrópole CD, EP
2014 Cranial Attack (spit w/ Cerberus Attack) CD


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