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Consumed By Vultures are a Swiss brutal death metal band formed in 2013. The band was started from Alex Medici on the voice and Mattia La Delfa on Guitar/Bass/DrumMachine. The name of the band is inspired by a traditional Tibetan funeral ritual, the sky burial, where the skinned bodies of the dead are offered to the vultures as the final act of generosity by the deceased. The project was born out of a passion for Metal of the two founders and the desire to express themselves through music. The Demo, recorded at the recording studio "Optinervear Studio" in November 2013, consisting of two tracks "Sky Burial" and "Natural Selection", allowed to launch the project and find new members to complete the band. In January 2014, the group reached its full formation with Nereo Costantini on drums, Timoteo Costantini on second guitar, Simone Di Cerbo on second voice and Simone Waber on bass. 2015, the group is recorded by Giona Spinelli at the "Brain Scan Studio" recording studio of Riva San Vitale (CH). On October 31, 2015, a concert of Heavy Demons, a renowned group of Death Thrash Metal , Consumed By Vultures presents in front of the public in Lugano the release of Ep "Demonstration of Negative Way". The Disc is composed of 6 tracks that have a common theme: the dualism of man. The texts tell of facts actually happened, where man is the dark side of duality. In the song "Gray Man" is quoted Albert Fish, one of the most famous serial killers in American history. Late 2016 Simone leaves the Band and after some researches, on May 2017, the band is joined by Matteo Valenti on Bass Guitar. 1st September 2017 the band release his first Album called "In Eterno". The album deals with the growth of a man from birth to death by deepening his mental evolution with metaphors and places an emphasis on the dualism of the human being, thus deepening the EP theme . "In Eterno" has been recorded at the Brainscan Studios in Swiss and Cryptopsy's guitar player takes care of the mix/master on his studios "The Grid" in Canada. The album is published under Nice To Eat You Records and Amputated Veins Records. 17 September 2017 the band goes on European tour to present the new album, the tour passes through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. They play with some big bands like Craniotomy, Epicardiectomy and Oral Fistfuck. The band gets a good response. Now they are trying to get on big festivals stage around Europe.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 In Eterno CD, LP
2015 Demonstration of negative way EP
2013 Demo DEMO


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