CHAOTIC SYSTEM - 01 Help Brasil.mp3


Raised from the ashes of Mastery (thrash metal band) in 2008 in Caxias/RJ, the Chaotic System has in its purpose to do crust/grindcore with influences of bands like Discharge, Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, Napalm Death and many others. The musical range of Chaotic System still comprise others sub-genres of extreme music as hardcore and death metal. The lyrics talks about social issues, politics, corruption and all the subjects that compound the daily life of working class and the poor people in Brasil. Always led through numerous formations by its founder, the guitarist/vocalist Magno Vieira, now Chaotic System has in your line up Eduardo Martins (bass/vocals ex-Vox Mortem). The first record was a self titled EP in 2013. After that, the band released "Live Rough" (demo 2016) and "Baixada Morta" (EP 2018), produced in France and closer to death metal sonority. In 2019, a couple of EPs was released: "Help Brasil" in july and "Human Decay" in november.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2019 Help Brasil EP
2019 Human Decay EP
2018 Baixada Morta EP
2016 Live Rough DEMO
2013 Chaotic System EP


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