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Cattivator of Death it's the rave metal duo from Venice, made by Mr. Cattivator and Hellyminator, born in 2016. The first album released is "Questa musica fa schifo", wich means "This music sucks"and the sound takes shape from the true metal. The theme of their music is about the adoration of the most satanic metal concerts, the most illegal raves and the rejection for hipsters, posers and whatever represent weak, fluffly and pussy music. They released 4 official videoclips and now they are working on the second. One of their dream is to create a new form of party, where metalheads and ravers will dance and make headbanging all together, as a tribe. To start breaking the wall between these two opposite worlds, they created a new word METAL RAVER. This represent the warrior metalhead spirit and tireless raver spirit wich is within Cattivator of Death and within a crowd that just need to be bring to the surface throught the hypnotic rave metal sound. "We are metal ravers, the strongest of the strong, a new era has begun!"


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2018 Questa musica fa schifo CD


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