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The band was formed in early 2012 starting from a journey of "fun .... coming from the city of jambi trying to dispose of garbage that began to accumulate diotak due to the actions of the rulers who began to run the democracy they lead without any more deliberation between the people and a government that tries to voice resistance by pouring it through GRINDCORE concept tunes with line up: Dayak (vocal) Indra (guitar) Ade (drums) Diko (Bass) over time with various gigs "that come to mind enliven us to make some of our songs to be packed using physical realean alhamdullilah we successfully completed at the beginning of October 2015 in the form of Ep Album and marketed in februari 2016 which direalese by record bandung Hadeath Record entitled "TUMBAL KONSPIRASI" which contains 5 track yg 4 dr songs review about what the intent of victim conspiracy and 1 bonus track is "We are Brother Gri nd "which we do not input in the 4 song reviews that we distinguish the beginning of the story is more precisely telling about brotherhood and friendship without distinguishing" all things that make us fasist in a matter .... and a little extra info that insha allah at the end of this december or beginning januari 2017 we will release our first video clip entitled "Tumbal Konspirasi" who is now in the process of editing ... thank you for taking a little time to read this page !! and Stay tune ya guys


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Tumbal Konspirasi EP


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