AVGRUNN - 2-CHIMAERA GEN-I (tractantem tech-alchimia materiae).mp3


BRUTAL DEATH METAL FROM BARCELONA(SPAIN) BAND CONTACT & BOOKING US : chemimetal@hotmail.com At the beggining of 2010 members of Caos Encadenado decided to start a new adventure throwing themselves to a more degrading and rotten style as brutal death is. Xemi, Sergio and Dani met Ecu drummer of the band Endorthin. The joining of them made possible get the sound that nowadays have. On March 2010 they entered the studio and recorded their first demo called Vomit Your Soul made of 3 tracks with a good sound that people like a lot. This gave more strength and aggressiveness to th band to keep doing new compositions and in a couple of months they went back to the studio to record their second demo called Silence Corpse. After few months looking for a bass player they found Olivier who already had experience playing brutal death. Prove of that are the solo projects he has: Butcher (Fr) and Malignancy in Pregnancy (Fr). After few months of sharing stage with our brothers Olivier and Ecu, they left Avgrunn due to personal reasons. Olivier went back to France and Ecu could not pay in two bands at the same time and he decided to stay ith Endorthin. Before Ecu left the band, Avgrunn entered to the Moonstowers Studio of Rubi to record the EP Vomit Your Soul. After the vacant spots that were left in the formation, Camilo in bass and Leofaber in drums entered the band. They also had experience playing in other extreme bands…Camilo in Nosferatun (Col) and Leoin Nihil Obstat (Col) and Urban Terror (Col) … After that, the band was complete to keep fighting on stage. Finally Dani, Avgrunn’s singer, decided to abandon the band to have more time for his own projects. Lately Avgrunn has changed its style from death metal with some technical parts to make deviled and in your face brutal death metal, prove of that are the new compositions that are getting heard more and more. The band has planned enter the studio to record their first long production on june or july. Also, is worth to mention the modification of the logo for a more brutal one. After few months looking for a Singer they found Apache. After few months sharing the stage togetehr, he had to leave the band because he could not get along his job with the band. Also, Camilo had to go back to Colombia. The last incorporation into the band was Jordi Mora at the end of 2011 to vocals. He was the singer of the band from Manresa Fall of Mankind with whom he recorded vocal for the Promo 2012 at the end of 2011. At the beginning of 2012 we entered the studio again to record the album “Conceived Genetically Perverse” which was edited for the Czech label “Nice To Eat You Records” and also by “Sevared Records” for its distribution in US. Our last incorporation to the band at the middle of 2012 was Markos Pradas as bass player (he is the guitar player of the band Fall Of Mankind from Manresa) but at the end of 2013, Markos decided to abandon the band . At the beginning of 2014 we entered the studio again to record the Ep "devoratem creationis", the tracks line bass recorded with bassist Anton Zhikharev ( Back Door to Asylum, Fleshbomb, Neurogenic) and in mid-2014 The last incorporation into the band was Davewolf (guitar) and Jaime Verdejo (Bass) Now We are working our second album. the Album will be released with Sevared Records.. The current Avgrunn line-up is: Guitars: Xemi Guitars: Davewolf Drums: Leo Vocals: Jordi Mora


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Devфядиtem cяeдtiфиis EP
2012 Promo2012 EP
2012 Conceived genetically perverse CD
2011 Vomit your Soul EP
2010 The Silence Corpse DEMO
2010 Vomit your Soul DEMO


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