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Gloomy, sophisticated riffs paired with pounding drums, brute bass and lead by the voice of a beast – that’s what you get when “Athiria” destroy your Speakers. The different stories and influences of these five Austrian guys unite to an outstanding, melodic and unique interpretation of classic death metal. Part of the concentrated power and ideas for lyrics is expressing feelings and let off some steam on stage, what reflects in the bands unstoppable motivation and effort. Athiria was found in 2011 and their first self produced album “Capital Punishment” was released in 2014. Only one year later the band caped it all off with a new bassist and the second album “Vicious Circle”, recorded and mixed by Farmhouse Records, mastered by Towerstudio, which created a Furor. The proof of that hard work in the rehearsal room pays off, comes no later then when coming across them next to internationally known bands like Cannibal Corpse, Aborted, Suffocation, Benighted and more which they already shared stages with. “Demonic tones” might sound a bit trite, nevertheless is this what comes to your mind when experiencing Athiria live for the first time. While you get the impression of the singer performing his own exorcisms on stage which he vocally serves the audience and at the same time be blown away instrumentally, you can see clearly how professional the band and their performances are. Don’t miss out on such an event if you dare to face the monster and discover a true hidden gem.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Vicious Circle CD
2014 Capital Punishment CD


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