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Ass Deep Tongued (or simply « AxDxT) is the culmination of musical second degree. Probably the only metal band able to dance, sing and play with their instruments at the same time! Representing of Goregrind Metal (a musical style fun, shifted and brutal, derived from Death Metal / Grind Core with guttural growls), AxDxT provides shows with a very present humour, some elaborative choreographies and strong visuals. More dancing than an Abba musical comedy, funniest than a Metallica show in Stade de France, more romantic than Clark Gable, AxDxT propose an unforgettable show! Since 2014, AxDxT concept is to present a Boy’s Band compound of 3 members made up of black: Kaven’G, Moon’R and D’jay Square Cube. They start their gigs with k-pop dance show on their own vocoded pop songs before passing behind their instruments to deliver an energetic Grind Metal around songs titles based on film extracts making a stupid apology of the sexuality under all its forms (films such Zack and Miry make a porno or Airplane!). If the listening of albums needs a certain dose of courage, coming to an AxDxT show becomes a more affordable experience full of love, dance and head banging moments. Playing with their Boy’s Band side, they are quickly gathering the audience in a furious party.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Prolapse Declaration
2014 Rectongued at first date CD


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