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Founded in the summer of 2014, ASILIAN takes the form of a Death Metal band, with the desire to offer not only a brutal and catchy music, but also a coherent and easily recognizable visual. For most members, it is a re-starting 10 years after having already played together. Rehearsals are linked, and gradually the concept developed, the music oscillates between Death, Grind, and some Thrash touches, the French lyrics deal with the madness, barbaric treatment methods, serial killers, and group found its image for concerts namely a prison outfit, orange pants, combat boots and white top with number. The target is reached, concerts begin in May 2015, from a rate of two per month on average held in various bars in the company of Hell Gate, Endless, Warfaith, D Symetry ... A demo is recorded 5 songs at home during summer 2015 for release in September of 200 copies in Digipack, under the name of "Brutal Therapy". The group intends to continue presenting his set alienated the public, while composing new songs for the realization of another mini-CD, or maybe an album. We therefore actively looking for concerts, mostly in the large eastern France, but also wherever conditions allow us. Get help from a record label for the promotion, distribution and support of future achievements of the group, is also part of the objectives for the coming years. "Brutal Therapy" MCD Digipak Demo 2015 1. Preface 2. gutted 3. Carnage 4. Lobotomy 5. Thunderstruck 6. Religion, alienation


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2015 brutal therapy EP


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