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Anti-Fuck is a band originally from Xalapa Veracruz Mexico, born around 2014 playing as such Grindcore, its main theme is based on central themes such as: War affairs, death and destruction all this contrasted under a theme added to lycanthropy. The current members are: Isidro Mella / Guitar and Voice Iván Fernández / Drums Valentín Estrada / Bass Throughout his career, Anti-Fuck has supported as well as organized events in his locality, all this with the purpose of spreading and providing something to his State based on the musical presence of the genre that we develop as well as proposing ideas both in touches for purposes liberal as is the self-management of it. We currently have a demo recorded in studio “Sangre y Muerte”, a totally live cassette tape “Anti-Fuck Live!” And our most recent EP “Licantrogrindcore” which was released in cassette tape and compact disc version. It should be noted that our EP is also available on digital platforms such as Spotify, I Tunes, Bandcamp, Deezer, Google Play Music, among others. Recently we recorded our first official video "Máquinas De Odio" with which we intend to reach new horizons. On the other hand we also have official merchandise, which is made by ourselves, this in order to take our essence to people as well as transmit the message of the band wherever we step. We are a band that plays where you are invited, always supporting and showing interest in both the local and national scene. LICANTROPUNKS FROM HELL!!!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2018 Licantrogrindcore CD, DOWNLOAD, EP


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