ANALEPSY - Genetic Mutations


Everything came up from the idea of Ricardo Proenca (Bugs) to form a Brutal Death band, after being stopped a while, due to his departure from Formaldehyde. With the help of our friend Pedro Carvalho, Ricardo called Marco (Brutal Brain Damage) to take the place as a guitarist, Flavio Pereira as a bassist and Nelson Domingues as a drummer. In the meanwhile, we started to record some demos and rehearsing them in Lisbon. After several rehearsals, we decided to look for another drummer who would fit more into the sound we were looking for, leavng the project temporarily without a drummer. After some searching for the remaining member, we brought in Tiago Correia (ex Atheos God) to the drums and ended up joining another element to the band: Diogo Santana (Trepid Elucidation) for lead guitar and back vocals. With a complete lineup we started to write new themes and thinking in a general theme for our music: gore, alien invasions and mutations. In early May 2014 we launched a single of the band's debut EP "Genetic Mutations " which recorded and mixed by Miguel Tereso (Primal Attack) in Caxarias.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Dehumanization by Supremacy EP
2014 Genetic Mutations DOWNLOAD


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