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Agaroth was formed on February 2013 as a blackened death metal band inspired by bands like: behemoth, dark fortress, hypocrisy, then on March 2013 Agaroth opened concert for the french black metal band "Nocturnal Depression", the rest of 2013, it participated only in small gigs in Mexico city and Cuernavaca, when 2014 began, Agaroth did not play live due to some band members and the fact that Agaroth wanted more original songs and less covers, on August 2014 Agaroth booked its first international tour to Europe, then on September 2014 Agaroth played in Belgium and Czech Republic, once in Mexico Agaroth recorded its first EP titled "Distortion of Illusions" with 2 songs only and limited to 166 copies. Full lenght album titled "Architect of Death" is still being recorded. The following year 2015, Agaroth joined a great event in the city of Puebla, and opened concert to the Norwegian black metal band "Taake", and also played in other cities like Toluca and Cuernavaca. We were booked to open concert for Gehena last October but it was cancelled due to problems with the bar's manager. Agaroth is booked to play with Ad Hominem and Aura Noir next year. Agaroth is now a 2 members band.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Distortion of Illusions EP
2013 Self Destruction DEMO


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