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Band formed in 2011 in the Canary Islands (northwest Africa) due to political concerns and with members of bands such as:Vizios Eskizofrenicos,Malformaciones Kongenitas,Potaje d Perros and Proskritos,and we like to play D-beat, HC-Punk and Punk-Crust.During these years we have played in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Barcelona and Logroño,We have a self-produced demo: "La mirada triste"(2014), posted on the internet for free download and an rehearsal: "Kaos melodies"(2016), we also appear in several North-South American and Canary compilations. In 2017 and with the support of several labels D.I.Y. from Brazil, the Canary Islands and Germany we edit an E.P. split with the Brazilian crusties Escöria that you can also download for free.In 2018 we published a split on youtube with Chikara (Bosnia).Apart from playing with many local and state bands like Usura and Ultimo gobierno, we have also supported some international bands: Doom, Active Minds.The Varukers, Antisect, Warwound, Vitamin x, Cress or Mob 47.We have also participated on several occasions in beneficial concerts for Sea Shepherd (o.n.g.) And for anti-fascist organizations.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2018 Acrataka-split w\Chikara DOWNLOAD
2017 Crisis DOWNLOAD, EP
2016 Melodias del Kaos DOWNLOAD
2014 La mirada triste DOWNLOAD


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