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I kind of cannot and do not want to dump the feeling that what comes from Australia will always be a high-quality musical massage. Let`s have a look together. I will start with the mighty BLOOD DUSTER, across to the technical PSYCROPTIC and finish somewhere near the blasting THE KILL or CAPTAIN CLEANOFF. This land really has something to offer and it is the time to offer another delicacy. The delicacy is named WRETCH.  

The band formed in 2011 cannot boast about an extra rich history but it has an appetite to produce a true grindcore. You can mainly find the influence of legends like NAPALM DEATH, NASUM, LOCK UP, BRUTAL TRUTH in their music. All these bands have left an indelible  trace in the music of WRETCH but I would not speak about stealing at all. I am very curious about their show as it does sound really great from their recording. The gents will fly to us for the first time in their history and I do believe it will be worth it!!!


Wretch spit out grinding venomous rage, with unabashed influences from death metal, thrash, punk, and hardcore, all ham-fistedly smashed together with a rough-and-ready, D.I.Y sound, and lyrical content which is as tongue-in-cheek as it is outright belligerent. 

Wretch was formed in 2011 in Canberra, Australia, by Duncan, Nafe, and Bob, who had played together in previous bands and who had a common passion for grindcore, particularly bands such as Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Nasum, and Lock Up. 

The trio enlisted the band’s first vocalist, Joel Pea, to self-release The Senseless Violence EP (2012) and full-length Because You’re Worthless (2013). Both albums were largely recorded, mixed and mastered by the band. 

Following the departure of Joel in 2013, Benji Bourne —who had rehearsed with the band in 2011 and was, in fact, the band’s first choice of vocalist – joined the band. This line-up headed into the studio in January 2015 to record their sophomore full-length album Tirades (recorded by Adam Merker at Studio Anders Debeerz, and mastered by Roby Blastasfuk of the Kill). Shortly after, Wretch enlisted Marcus Honeyman (formerly guitarist with Tortured) to be the band’s first bass player.  

Since forming, Wretch have played so many shows that they all seem to blur together, some notable highlights include sharing the stage with Cattle Decapitation, Shady Glimpse, GxSxDx, Jig Ai, Cripple Bastards, The Kill, Weekend Nachos, Captain Cleanoff, Thy Art is Murder, Sinister, King Parrot, Disentomb and Dawn of Azazel.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Tirades
2013 Because You`re Worthless
2012 Senseless Violence EP


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