POTHEAD Czech Republic

POTHEAD - The Crackling Sound Of Burning Cannabis During Smoking A Joint


This is exactly what this pack of weedheads from the Czech capital hiding behind masks and called POTHEAD live up to. The boys do not mess about much and do it their way. They call their style a mix of grind and rap. We have to admit it is an interesting contrast but why not?! Of course, except for THC and alcohol the main ingredient in their music is mostly grindcore. 

If you revel in rhythms and vocal displays in the vein of CBT, ROMPEPROP or GUT, POTHEAD will not disappoint you for sure. Ideally, roll a spliff, enjoy your beer and tap in the rhythm of tap-tap grunts!!!


Once in 2007 some guy Potdogg from Žižkov ended up on the street without money, family or any hope. No work was good for him, so he decided to make money from dealing marijuana, which he let grow in the bushes on the hill of Saint Cross called Parukářka. Number of customers grew and he finally found out that one person isn’t enough for that big job. So he recruited his most loyal dope Froghead to his crew and also his friend from the street Weedman, which owned car necessary for faster distribution because the business increased. After some time Froghead went out of control of smoking and finally fell to the bottom. But fortunatelly some weed grower Molit from the East entered the gang and thanks to him the business came to new dimension. Because new dealers increased and number of dodgers was high, it was necessary to take up some bodyguard and debt enforcer to the gang. Potdogg found all of that in the Slovak thug called Ganjosh who earned respect through all Žižkov district and near neighborhood. During the time the request for more kinds of weed increased therefore some Mexican immigrant named Claudio Jimenéz aka CJ came to the gang to help with variability of sortiment. Nowadays the Pothead is the most respected and the most earning gang in the Žižkov ghetto and Potdogg the most famous dealer from Hlavák to Čerňák....   

 ....and by the way the crew plays also goregrind :)


Release date Release name Media
2015 Jointification CD
2013 WWW (We Wanna Weed) DEMO
2009 Shemale | Fetish | Pothead - Split CD


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