SPEED NOISE HELL - Speed Noise Hell


From the land of the rising sun, kamikaze fastcore squad with a strong punk vein called SPEED!! NOISE!! HELL!! will come rushing to stoke up a fire of the Trutnov Battlefield. Following this year's successful Czechoslovak mini tour, this relatively young wild squad from Kochi, Japan concentrated around relentless Yoshio who has come through bands like Conga Fury or Disclose is going to return to Czech to raise duly bpm in your veins with the help of two uncompromising vocal gushers.  They have been able to release several CDs in a relatively short time, this year's split with MIR at Malárie records and they are supposed to arrive at OEF with a brand new vinyl to be put out at Malárie as well. Uarghhhhh there will be noise!!!


Important dates in band history:

6.6.2012 Yoshio(kytara : ex-Conga Fury) a Coppy (bicí) estabilished SPEED!! NOISE!! HELL!! 
7.7.2012 First gin in club CHAOTIC NOISE v Kochi v Japonsku
12.12.2012 Toshimitu (voice) a Yoshihiro (voice) became new members of the band
6.6.2013 Kyosuke joined the band (bass)


Release date Release name Media
2015 Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! / MIR /split MC - Malarie records MC (TAPE)
2013 Born to Kill /CD - Chaos Kochi CD
2012 The Secret /CD - Chaos Kochi CD


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