LIVET SOM INSATS - Tack Fer Ingenting


LIVET SOM INSATS from Sweden could become another dark horse of this year Obscene Extreme Festival. This time grind maniacs should start paying attention! It is well-known that Nordic countries (especially Sweden) are very grind-friendly. If you however spice up grind with punk approach and unusual ideas…  LIVET SOM INSATS could tell a lot about that. Their recordings are released mostly as splits with their crust / d-beat mates and if you like NASUM or ROTTEN SOUND… trust our tips! This will be a bombshell!!!


Livet Som Insats was blasted together in 2009, with K.J on guitar&vox, Patrik on bass&vox and Hårda Tord on drums.Their first force-feeding opinions were recorded in 2010 as a promo, later released on cassette as Första Insatsen 2011. 

The following year their first self titled album was released on Addiction To War records, followed up by some splits with various bands as PP7 Gaftzeb, Anger Burning and Raw Hate. Due to various reasons Patrik left the band in 2015, but Livet Som Insats grinds on and their second album is expected soon! 

Hårda Tord: Drums 
K.J: Guitar and vocals  


Release date Release name Media
2016 Check your Grind
2014 PP7 Gaftzeb split 12
2013 Anger Burning 7” split
2012 S/T album
2011 Raw Hate split 10”
2011 Forsta Insatsen Tape
2010 Promo CD-R


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