SHACKLΣS United States

SHACKLΣS - Lobotomised


Bands of this style are more and more needed at Obscene Extreme Festival! There will never be enough of them! Absolutely exquisite mix of old power violence in the vein of CROSSED OUT / INFEST or NO COMMENT with classics in the vein of NAPALM DEATH or SIEGE.  

SHACKLΣS. Slow rolling passages turning into brutal grind discharges. Live this will be a total destruction! Do you know any band from the Antipodes not being worth it? Hard to find. This year at OEF 2016!!!


Combining elements of the late 80's/ early 90's power violence scene with the brutality of Death Metal and Grindcore since 2011, SHACKLΣS are one of Australia's most infamous, yet consistent hardcore bands. With their hard to pigeon hole and unique approach to Grinding Hardcore, the band have been able play shows all over the spectrum of extreme music and collaborate with a wide array of labels. This has led to the band having a prolific, and very scattered discography consisting of 4 eps, 2 splits and a full length, none of which aptly capture the visceral experience that is SHACKLΣS live show.  


Release date Release name Media
2014 Forced To Regress (45rpm 12") -Resist Records
2013 Shackles/Worn Out Split (EP, 45rpm, 7" and cassette) -Castigated Records EP
2013 S/T (EP, single sided, 45rpm, 12") -Arrest Records Australia
2013 Disposed Of (EP, 45rpm, 7") -Urbn Rage EP
2012 Maunder (EP, 33rpm, 7")-Arrest records Australia
2012 Dissolve To Nothing (EP, 45rpm, 7" and cassette) -Arrest Records Australia (7") / Delayed Response (Cassette) EP


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