LYCANTHROPHY - Roots of Evil Unreleased


In the extreme music world, the increasingly appreciated band LYCANTHROPHY is another great catch for OEF 2021!!! Don't expect any slow and intelligible musical nuances, but a headless, aggressive ride that works great, especially live!!!

Noisy boosted bass, guitars on the brink between furious thrash and punk raped by a hardcore on steroids and drums ignoring any rhythmic structures. Except the frantic ones. This is Czech LYCANTHROPHY in full force!!!


Lycanthrophy began to play in 1998 as a grind core band with the influence of bands like Agathocles or Rot, which is heard on the first releases. After a break (due to the drummer military service) we started to play more raw old school grind core in the vein of Warsore mixed with extreme HC like Despise You. The four Ondra (vocals), Mirek (guitar,voc), Šupin (bass), Peter (drums) joined Marsta as the second singer, previously singer in the Czech extreme HC cult Mrtva Budoucnost. After playing lots of gigs, including several recordings etc. guitarist and drummer left the band. They were immediately replaced by Vosak (guitar) and Ondra passes from the post of the singer as a drummer. Marsta left the band and instead of him comes Zdisha. Sound of band is more inspired by the U.S. extreme HC/grind/fastcore/power violence bands. In this line up we did many gigs and tours around the Europe and released amount of records including the 1st full length.

In 2019 Zdisha left the band. We hit the road of the U.S.A. to tour along with Cryptic Void from Houston and we played at Maryland Death fest as well. In the meantime we released a split EP´s with bands like Noisear, Nak´ay or Needful Things.

In July 2021 we are going to record a new full length album.


Release date Release name Media
2021 Lycanthrophy/Nak´ay split 7“EP EP
2020 Lycanthrophy „20 years of blast core“ 6“EP EP
2020 Lycanthrophy/Needful Things split 5“EP EP
2020 Lycanthrophy „20 years of blast core“ 6“EP EP
2020 Lycanthrophy/Slund split MC (TAPE)
2019 Lycanthrophy/Noisear split 7“EP EP
2019 Lycanthrophy/Porket grinder split 5“EP EP
2018 Lycanthrophy/Chikara split MC (TAPE)
2016 Lycanthrophy/Bloody Phoenix/Skunk/Disturbance Project 4 way 12“LP LP
2015 Lycanthrophy/The afternoon Gentlemen split 10“LP
2014 Lycanthrophy/Chiens split 7“EP EP
2014 Lycanthrophy/Sick/Tired split 7“EP EP
2013 Lycanthrophy/Blood I Bleed split 10“LP LP
2010 Lycanthrophy s/t LP, MC (TAPE)
2010 Lycanthrophy/Fubar split 7“EP EP
2009 Lycanthrophy Collection 1998-2009 CD
2009 Lycanthrophy/Suffering Mind split 7“EP EP
2009 Lycanthrophy/Black Hole Of Calcutta split 7“EP EP
2008 Lycanthrophy/Kursk split 7“EP EP
2007 Lycanthrophy/Saywhy? Split CD, LP
2007 Lycanthrophy/Joe Pesci/From The Ashes/After The Last Sky 4 way split LP
2006 Lycanthrophy/Gride split 7“EP EP
2006 Lycanthrophy/Disprocess split CD
2004 Lycanthrophy/ Malignant Tumour split 7“EP EP
2003 Lycanthrophy/Nesoučást Stroje split 7“EP EP
2003 Lycanthrophy/Immured split MC (TAPE)
2002 Lycanthrophy/Není Úniku split MC (TAPE)
2002 Lycanthrophy/Human Error split CD
2001 Lycanthrophy/Dickless Tracy split tape
1999 Lycanthrophy „Cleaning waste“ DEMO
1998 Lycanthrophy „…Godless eyes“


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