INHUMATE - I am the Beast


The French band INHUMATE has been serving their 27th season and they are the next blast at the OEF 2018!!! These guys definitely do not need any big introduction as every fan of extreme music and especially the OEF fans know them very well. It will be the sixth time for them to play at the OEF after all. Started as a death metal band but their music moved more into the extreme grind core territory following a line-up change. Since then the band enjoys a great respect from the whole extreme scene for their D.I.Y. attitude.

The members of the band keep coming to the OEF for years as the fans of extreme music, so you will not have any trouble meeting them and having a chat. We are proud to have these „workmen“ of grind core back at OEF!!! And we hope you will prepare a very warm welcome to them!!!


INHUMATE started in the end of 1990 as a death metal band. After several changes, the  line up was the same from 1994 until 2006 : Chris (vocals), David( guitar), Fred (bass) & Yannick (drums). In the end of 2006, David left the band and has been replaced by Damien. Since that time, the line didn’t change and we don’t fucking think it can…


Release date Release name Media
2013 Expulsed
2009 The Fifth Season
2004 Life
2000 Growth
1997 Ex-Pulsion
1996 Internal Life
1995 Grind Your Soul
1993 Abstract Suffering DEMO


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Wargy 24.04.2015 10:31

Can't fucking wait !!!!!!!!!