VOLE (DUDE)!!! Can there be a more used Czech word? And this gentle address was chosen as a band's name by a dirty quartet of madmen studying all kinds of art. However, VOLE's music is no tea party stuff but fucking dirty punk/hardcore, which sounds like a factory rumble!!! 

The guys have formed this band on the ruins of the bands Hlinomaz or Tanswaggon sometime around 2016 and they really don't fiddle about with it. So far, their two full-length records already belong to the best of Czech extreme music!!! And another album is on the way!!!

During a relatively short but intense existence, VOLE played countless gigs and you can believe me that chairs flying in the air, a drummer jumping into a moshpit, sweat and blood are exactly what we get delivered from these fuck-it-all individuals!!! Seeing VOLE at OEF in Wednesday's program of the Festival of Weird Riffs will be like an impact of a locomotive that once knocked down the singer of VOLE, Tomáš!!! And he survived!!! Will we survive VOLE???