Kids also belong to OEF – Two teepees with a lot of entertainment for the kids. They will not for sure forget new friends and all the adventures from Obscene Extreme for long. Kids up to 14 years do not pay any entrance fee of course! Take your kinds with you to enjoy the festival too!!! 

If you want to bring/send a gift for the kids we will be pleased…   


We would like to give the kids the opportunity to have a temporary tattoo during OEF. If it is possible for you to bring washable (bigger) tattoos or aids for temporary tattoos (stencils etc.), we will be thankful!


Art and sport aids, magazines, face paints, baloons, sweets etc. will come in useful too.   


Opening hours:  

Thursday 19.7.2018 – 13.00 – 20.00

Friday 20.7.2018 - 11.00 – 20.00

Saturday 21.7.2018 - 11.00 – 20.00 


Kidscorner is for free and children are taken care of by 4 great people.   

Program in the kids` corner:


Punk hairdresser`s: Here we will propely tune your kids` hairdo (mohawks, washable paints). The hairdresser`s will be opened in front of the kids` corner just for one day according to the weather….   


Troopers` day: Making knots, tourist marking signs, Morse code…. 

Competitions: Slalom with a ball, potion tasting, seven-league boots run, tin knock down, sack jumping, tug-of-war...   


Art activities: Tattoo sticking, making masks, making jewels, handmade posters, face painting, t-shirt painting...   


Sport activities: ball games, football, frisbee, badminton...  


Visiting concerts of favourite bands and a possibility to stage-dive.


Water battle if hot or party games, a trip with rubber boots and raincoat around the vanue in case of rainy weather. That is why take rubber boots, raincoats and spare clothing for your kids that can be painted, dirtied or wetted.