Once again there will be a unique football match. This time certainly a great team of Czech Death Fest will get under our feet except for traditional "rivals" Brutal Assault Obscuros and Mighty Sounds Rebels!!!

Playing a fair game we will again try to get to the highest position and seize the cup!!!!!! 

Come to support us with your voices on Sunday May 20th in the venue of SC Koráb in Prague, Libeň!!!

Čurby says: 

"I do not expect nothing less than a flood of friends and fest fans and an atmosphere like during Argentina`s Superclasico!!!"

Who?When? Here there is the standings of the football dream theatre:

Sunday 20.5.2018

11.00 - 11.15 parade, team photos and a group photo
11.15 - 11.50 Brutal Assault - Obscene Extreme
11.55 - 12.30 Mighty Sounds - Czech Death Fest
12.40 - 13.15 Brutal Assault - Mighty Sounds
13.20 - 13.55 Obscene Extreme - Czech Death Fest
14.00 - 14.30 skill competitions
14.30 - 15.05 Brutal Assault - Czech Death Fest
15.10 - 15.45 Obscene Extreme - Mighty Sounds
15.55 - 16.35 3rd place match
16.40 - 17.15 final match
17.20 award ceremony

Our line-up has gone through minor changes:  


1 - Bobina (OEF driver)  
2 - Špička (OEF spokesman or the master of the word and a creative director as for band infos)  
3 - Venca (OEF auxiliary driver) 
7 - Agáta (OEF coming generation)  
8 - Kyby (hard thug from Ostrava and a longtime stage crew)  
9 - Fede (Argentinian connection, OEF fanzine, another creative mind...will see, if we will be able to provide him a private airplane as he does not like to fly...)  
10 - El Čurby (OEF almost everything)  
11 - Čurby Jr (the fastest semen, still a rocord holder and the youngest visitor in the history of OEF being 3 weeks "old")  
13 - Mirka (one of the most capable women of the OEF team and she can play footbal fully understandably!!!) 
27 - Skoři (quick connection in Trutnov, organiser of a traditional Pre-Fest right before OEF)  
33 - Žakyn (ruler of the OEF beer and everything connected with OEF bar) 
69 - Kamča (OEF catering)  
72 - Caffeinator Espressowicz (leader and the biggest seducer of OEF bars)  
99 - Martin The Suffering (OEF layout man, known under his Indian name as Time enough) - sub and a person in charge at the same time)  
666 - Bilos (creative mind of a spoken word, OEF ambassador)  

Trainer/Manager : Juras Matejkus (OEF catering aka Divine Tofu burger)  

Person in charge: Martin The Suffering (OEF layout man, known under his Indian name as Time enough)  

Boss: Áda (OEF presenter)