GOD MOTHER - By The Millions


The modern mix of metal and hardcore by GOD MOTHER from Sweden will surely delight many fans of bands such as Dilinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer or Converge which the band is ranked to due to their unique mix of styles. Frantic math rock passages alternate with sludge/grind positions and all that is wrapped in an intense hardcore expression.

And you certainly will not be wrong to hear the infuence of bands such as Nasum, Black Breath or Rotten Sound in their production. This band will be a desired genre diversification at OEF 2018!!!


"Following two self-released EP's and a critically acclaimed full length recording, God Mother has signed to Party Smasher Inc. records, home of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, and Primitive Weapons.

A four-piece powerhouse, from the depths of the Swedish hardcore underground, ‘God Mother’ has been a rising force since its inception in 2012.

God Mother's debut, Maktbehov, was easily one of Metal’s most exciting new releases in 2015, making many of the year’s top lists including Loudwire, Blunt Mag, Metal Injection, and was hailed by Pitchfork as "an asteroid crash of an album that renders most of its competition extinct.”

Across 14 tracks, God Mother’s Party Smasher Inc. debut, “Vilseledd,” out October 20th, 2017, packs hardcore, grind, sludge, and noise into lethal projectiles, fueled by bilingual lyrics denouncing society's ignorance, in both Swedish and English.

The band has toured extensively with acts such as Cult Leader, The Number 12 Looks Like You and The Dillinger Escape Plan. This summer God Mother played the prestigious international metal festival, Brutal Assault."


Release date Release name Media
2017 Vilseledd 2017 (to be released October 20:th)
2016 Split EP med Artemis EP
2015 Maktbehov
2015 Blodfors
2013 Imitation EP
2013 Inga Budskap Kvar


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