ASOCIAL - Krigsbarn


And now no eye of a cruster should stay dry! Another Scandinavian punk legend to honour the festival stage of Obscene Extreme with their presence in 2018! This band cannot but be introduced with a banal phrase – Ladies and Gentlemen !!! – ASOCIAL! One of the foundation stones of the Swedish hardcore scene.

A band that started as early as in the beginning of 80's to take several loooooong breaks during its existence returned to the stage that means nothing (well, it depends for whom…)  in 2016. In full strength and without a pinch of embarrassment or a touch of expediency these veterans will stuff you with a solid portion of classical käng! A MUST for the fans of Mob 47, Anti-Cimex, Crude S.S.!!!


Asocial is an old classical punk band from Hedemora, formed in the early 80's who released some demo tapes and two Ep's 1984 and 1986 before they let down the band. They did a few gigs and released an Ep and a compilation CD during the 90's. The last gigs were made 1997 before they let down the band again. Recently their discography were released again in more proper forms on both CD and vinyl by their original drummer Håkan Aspnäs.

In the autumn 2016 the band decided to make a reunion and do some gigs again!

In February 2017, Asocial played their first gigs with two sold out shows in Stockholm at Cyklopen in February 2017 along with bands like: Mob47, Avskum, TST, GBH, etc. After that they have played some more gigs around in Sweden. In April they recorded nine new songs and a re-recording of "Låt Dom Inte Lura Dig" with Mattias Kennhed (Meanwhile, Price of Silence etc) at Communichaos studio. The 10 songs were released on a 12" vinyl on FOAD Records ITA in September 2017.


TB - Vocals
Svenne - Guitar
Tompa - Bass
Jonken - D-Beat


Release date Release name Media
2017 Asocial - Död Åt Kapitalismen 12"
2017 Asocial - TBA LP
2017 Asocial - TBA LP
2017 Asocial - TBA LP
2017 Asocial - TBA LP
2016 Asocial - Det Bittra Slutet CD/2xLP CD, LP
2016 Asocial - Religion Sucks LP
1995 Asocial - Total Asocial CD
1992 Asocial - House Of Gore 7"
1986 Asocial - Religion Sucks 7"
1984 Asocial - Det Bittra Slutet 7"


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