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Someone loves them and someone hates them. But they don't give a damn. That's exactly what this long-standing Slovakian squad called ČAD is about!!! A very active band that was formed as early as in 1994 will perform for the second time on the OEF's stage.

The guys around the main brain called Pišta Vandal are recently very much in demand as some of their recent albums such as „Ťažký Kov“, Čertova Kovadlina“ or the latest one titled „Bastard“ are very succesfull not just in their home country where they have been able to win several Radio Head Awards in the Hard and Heavy category. This modest but very popular band which is also well-known for its vigorous performance has found the time and we are pleased to welcome them at OEF 2018!!! We can already hear the rattle of the devil's anvil!!!


ČAD is a band from Slovakia founded in 1994. Current band members are Pišta Vandal, Basia Noiseovna and Valér Tornád. Their discography consists of already legendary albums like Psia Krv (Dogs blood), Súkromná vojna (Private war), Ťažký kov (Heavy metal), Čertova Kovadlina (Devils anvil) and the newly released Bastard. They have won twice a prestigious Slovak Radiohead award for best Hard and Heavy category.

Their roots come from punk, extreme hardcore and metal as well. Their lyrics are entirely in their mother tongue. Thematically their songs are about social problems as well as dark side of history and Slovak robbers and outlaws. A large portion of songs are about personal frustration, loneliness and darkness.

ČAD is a trio that collaborates not only in music but also releases books. They write, illustrate and publish. All recordings are released in D.I.Y. style under Vandal records.

The band played in Brasil, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and constantly in Czech Republic and of course at home.

ČAD is one of the oldest constantly working extreme band in its region. Throughout the whole time they remain Drug Free.


Release date Release name Media
2017 ČAD - Bastard, CD, LP CD, LP
2017 ČAD - Bastard, CD, LP CD, LP
2014 ČAD - Čertova Kovadlina, CD CD
2013 Tribute CD to TESTIMONY CD
2012 Hudba pre Xmasy, free download compilation
2011 ČAD - Tazky kov, (CD, LP) CD, LP
2009 ČAD - Sukromna vojna, CD, Split LP s Abortion CD, LP
2009 V/A Slovenské vinyly nezomierajú!, LP compilation LP
2007 ČAD - BETON, split LP LP
2006 ČAD - Psia krv
2005 ČAD - VANDALI, split CD CD
2004 ČAD - RABIES (cz), split EP EP
2003 ČAD - UNHOLY GRAVE (j), split EP EP
2002 ČAD - GROSSMEMBER (pl), split EP EP
2001 ČAD - DISCHORD (br), split EP EP
2000 ČAD - Deadnation
1999 ČAD - AHUMADO GRANUJO (cz), split EP EP
1998 ČAD - Na Odstrel


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