SCHIZOPHRENIA - Structure of Death


Ugh, this is going to be a blast!!! SCHIZOPHRENIA, a young Belgian four-piece squad, which operates on the edge of thrash and death metal with an 80's twist, definitely deserves your attention!!! Dirty and angry thrashing with a mix of other extreme styles, brings real diversity, put in some great solos and we have something for fans of Dark Angel, Sepultura or Slayer!!!

Listen to their only EP "Voices" and be amazed as we are, because it convinced us to bring SCHIZOPHRENIA to the boards of Obscene Extreme!!! Hell yeah!!!


SCHIZOPHRENIA - Brutal Death/Thrash Metal with grooving mid-tempo elements accompanied by guitar solo virtuosity and ferocious vocals. SCHIZOPHRENIA display a broad variety of what Extreme Metal has to offer. Their highly acclaimed debut 'Voices' EP (2020) caught the attention of all the big Metal labels, and in 2022 Antwerp’s most promising Death Metal outfit will finally reveal what they’ve been holding up their sleeves!


Release date Release name Media
2020 Voices EP
2019 Perpetual Perdition Single


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