INSANITY ALERT - I Come I Fuck Shit Up I Leave


A new wave of old thrash metal is flying all over the world and these Austrian lunatics are its proud representatives. If you like energetic thrash metal with the influences of hardcore and crossover, you can't 
escape here!!! INSANITY ALERT celebrates 10 years since band birth and will be at Obscene Extreme for the second time.

Their incredible performance in 2019, full of humour and hurricane of energy, was definitely indelibly etched in the memory of all OEF fanatics!!! Run to the pit, mosh to your life!!!


Insanity Alert is a thrash metal / crossover band from Innsbruck, Austria - influenced by the likes of SOD, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Nuclear Assault and Municipal Waste. Formed in 2011, the band has put out two EP’s and three LP’s, the most recent being 666-Pack, released on Season of Mist Records in January 2019. Insanity Alert has played loads of shows and tours with famous bands and has raged on many prestigious 
festivals all over Europe. Last year IA was the very first band from Austria ever to play the mainstage from Hellfest! The band is always ready to thrash a party near you soon.

Line Up:
The Dave Of Death - guitar
Don Melanzani - drums
Heavy Kevy - vocals
The Shredator – bass


Release date Release name Media
2020 Shredator l single
2019 666-Pack LP
2016 Moshburger LP, This Charming Man Records LP
2014 Insanity Alert (s/t) LP, Empire Records (BE), 2014 (2018 reissue, Season Of Mist Records) LP
2013 Second Opinion EP, Slaughterhouse Records
2012 First Diagnosis EP


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