OEF: You played some shows with a drum pad, and it was a completely new experience. In my opinion it was very cool. How was the crowd response?    

Jamie: Yes we played 4 shows with that setup and Mike and I used only iPads for our amps. It was a new experience for us all. Jon has chronic issues with his back and hip and in some cases has a tough time walking, so there was no way he could play his old kit for a prolonged period of time. So basically we used the technology that is available to continue working together and creating music. While we were getting used to the pad, Mike and I started using iPads with amp simulators. There is a tremendous amount of control and flexibility using applications for this purpose. The signal is amazingly clean and there is no ambient interference at all.  

The response was always interesting haha. Many people just stood there watching Jon and would ask him after the performance what in the hell he was doing. Some people loved it and thought it was a fresh thing to be doing as no one in death metal was doing anything like it. Others hated it. They hated it visually, and they were ignorant to what was actually happening. Most of the ones who hated it thought it was some kind of drum machine when in fact Jon was playing everything you hear.  

The drummer has issues with his back and hip. But he can still play fast! Titans of grind! 

OEF: Are you bringing this drumpad set to Europe or are you using real drums?

Jamie: It will be traditional drums. We have a new drummer Jan Lugtenburg of the Netherlands who was personally chosen by Jon before his departure.

OEF: It was a long time since Brodequin last album. Are you planning any new material to release?

Jamie: We are working on new material right now. I have lyrics complete for ten songs and the music is slowly coming along. Its a little difficult due to the distance between all of us and it takes longer for us to work things out. Now that we have pretty much everything down for our live performances we can really start to focus on new music. I am looking forward to releasing some new music for all of our friends and all those that stood by us throughout all the changes. 

OEF: Why did you decided to come back with Brodequin after the split up?

Jamie: It was finally time to get back into it. We had been in the background of the scene watching and listening to all the old and new bands but we were just inactive. We had some personal issues that made our ability to commit to putting in the time necessary impossible. Once those issues cleared up we were able to start evaluating the possibility of bringing Brodequin back. Basically once we knew things were “back to normal” Mike and I sat down and discussed playing again. After that I called Jon and we went to Milwaukee to rehearse, then it was on.

They will crush your ears like bones in the wheel. 

OEF: Brodequin was great in both mixing of brutality and great musicianship. Now is rare to find bands that has this balance, some of them are brutal but simple, others are technical but empty . Do you feel Death Metal bands are losing their technical part searching for simplicity? It was easy for you to find this balance? 

Jamie: Thank you we all appreciate that! Speaking for myself, Brodequin’s music was/is just the way I play. Mike is a great composer and player that I think in some ways was only appreciated in person. He is like a machine, all of his recordings were done in one take and virtually identical when you looked on screen at two or more recordings of the same song. To us we never tried to balance anything, it just came out in the writing process when we would all sit down together. I know what you mean and a few bands come to mind. As a musician it can be really easy to get sucked into writing really technical parts. You are a talented musician and you want to push what you are doing but it often can lack any feeling. The same with the simple approach. Non stop blasting is awesome, but it can easily start to get a little stale without something of substance. Its really up to each band to find that balance the way they want to, if at all. Its metal, so do what you want! just don’t write what you think people want to hear. 

Brodequin live at OEF 2004. They are back!

OEF: This is your space to write what you want to the fans.

Jamie: Thanks a million for the chance to share a few words with you. We are looking very much forward to Obscene Extreme, it will be great to be back there again and its still one of my favorite festival appearances from years ago. 

Please feel free to contact me on Facebook (Jamie Bailey), we also have the unmatched brutality page back in action and a small EU store to save shipping for all of our overseas friends. Thanks for the interview! see you this summer! 

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